Project Study and Research

Project Study and Research

  It also provide not only lectures but also many hands-on courses in which students can produce works, and enable students to acquire knowledge and skills. Moreover, classes in which students plan their career paths and participate in actual projects are conducted from their sophomore year, providing a systematic educational environment for students. They start to write graduation theses or produce graduation works in their senior year.

Professor Oikawa's Research Lab
In Oikawa Lab., various acoustical topics from basics to applications (including: sound measurement and visualization; creating acoustical devices and software; physics of musical instruments; acoustical signal analysis and processing) are actively studied.

Flexible object-handling and drawing learning by humanoid robot with deep learning
Professor Ogata's Research Lab
Our research interest is on a machine intelligence which interacts with the dynamic environment. We are challenging this theme by taking constructivist approaches with robot systems and neural network model (deep learning). The approach includes imitation learning, linguistic-behavioral integration, human-machine cooperation, and multi-modal active sensing.

Professor Kawai's Research Lab
"Ergonomics in Advanced Media” conducts experimental researches on psychophysiological effects and utilization of systems such as stereoscopic images, virtual reality and mixed reality.

Professor Kanno's Research Lab
Our research in intermedia music encompasses all musical expressions.

Professor Gunji's Research Lab
Examples of Graduation Thesis: Foraging strategy using landmarks in ants; Does human go straight without landmark? ; Ouija board illusion in virtual reality; Sense of agency and ownership for body and spatial perception; Application and limits of circle packing model in ORIGAMI; Analysis and model for swarm of soldier crabs. Figures show trajectories of swarm of soldier crabs, Mictyris guinotae.

Ca Foscari Short Film Festival in Italy
Professor Kore-eda and Associate Professor Tsuchida's Research Lab
Screening of a work by the students attended "Video Production Course" at Ca Foscari Short Film Festival in Italy - From planning to screening, students team up and spend a year to complete movies. Some of their works are screened at overseas film festivals as well as at "Waseda Shochiku," a movie theater near the university. 

Professor Sakai's Research Lab
Study on CG programming technique for realizing advanced VR environment
VR (Virtual Reality) is one of the important and expectable application field of media technology in the future. In order to realize advanced VR environment, the integration of many advanced media technologies such as computer graphics, surround acoustic generation and sensor/actuator technologies are required.   In this project, we study how to realize this from programming side.

Professor Choh's Research Lab
Collaborative research and projects with businesses and organizations inside and outside the department have been carried out in the Media Design projects while taking advantage of desktop publishing, visual presentation and product design which make full use of computer and the Internet. Students are trained to enhance their planning and management abilities through methodologies of not only digital design but also cultural studies and fieldwork that reveal reginal cultures and ubiquitous information.

Professor Watanabe's Research Lab
Students will learn how to study human mind, behavior, and brain mainly from the perspective of experimental psychology, cognitive science, and brain science. However, the methodology and topic are not confined to the mentioned above. 

Associate Professor Hashida's Research Lab
This lecture covers our research and development of novel media technologies that integrate diverse analogue (including natural phenomena and artifacts) and digital technologies. We will also describe how these technologies were practically examined through exhibitions and user studies.